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It’s the last day of 2008, and I am making my plans for 09.  Hence, you find me here.  Among other things, 2009 is Eudora Welty’s centennial year, and as I thought about what direction I wanted my life to take, one thing that came to me was getting closer to Miss Welty.


I have my reasons.  One, I’d already committed to reading her Collected Stories for a book club at work.  Two, I’ve just signed up to be a “community columnist” for the Hattiesburg American (whatever that means), and I knew I would want to write some about the Welty centennial.  Three, I don’t merely admire Welty; I absolutely love her.  I’m ashamed that I haven’t been a better devotee in the past, and her 100th birthday seems as proper a time to rectify that as any.


So here’s my plan.  Starting January 1, 2009, I’m going to blog something about Welty here every day (except for the ones that I don’t) at least until her birthday on April 13.  I hope I’ll even get a little help from my friends.  If you believe I have reason to consider you a friend, and you have something to say about Welty, send it to me.  I’d love to post it here.  I’d especially love some help with my post-a-day promise.  J


Otherwise, if you’d like to comment on the blog, please register with so that you will be allowed to do so.


Blogs and I often have commitment issues.  I may need a little encouragement to keep going, especially after the student essays start rolling in.  Right now, however, I’m fired up and ready to go. 


I expect this is going to be a journey of self-discovery as much as a period of deeper study on a particular author.  I see it as a kind of literary devotional in which I’ll spend part of each day reading and thinking about a story, a chapter, or some other aspect of Welty’s work.  In that spirit, I don’t intend this to be hardcore literary criticism by any means.  Instead it will be a reflection of my personal pleasure in the written word.


I plan to start with A Curtain of Green and Other Stories, and I’ll spend perhaps the bulk of January on this book.   If you too love Welty, read with me.  We’ll have a great time, and maybe learn something too.

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