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I’m reading the second story in The Golden Apples now.  I thought I would wait until I finished it before I blogged it, but I’m only about thirty pages in now, and it is much longer than that.  It’s a novella, almost even a novel inserted into this short story cycle. 


Anyway, I’m not waiting for the end because I have something to say now.  There’s a scene with a flasher.  A man who boards in the same house where Miss Eckhart gives piano lessons continually opens his robe to the children.  He does it, they think, because he does not like the noise of the lessons, and he is trying to scare them off. 


The children are threatened against telling their parents, but they tell anyway, and no one takes them seriously.  Because of this, the girl Cassie thinks, “Some performances of people stayed partly untold for lack of name…as well as for lack of believers.”


Good point.  If I weren’t so tired and overwhelmed with work, I’d talk about Melville’s “Benito Cereno” and the idea that people only see and believe what they are capable of seeing based on prior experience and cultural conditioning.