This is a disturbing story about a very unhappy man.  Ran MacLain, one of the twin sons of King MacLain has left his wife Jinny Love Stark because of her unfaithfulness.  The whole town knows.  He leaves, yet he doesn’t.  He still sees his wife and her family and the man everyone speculates that she has chosen over him.  He sees her and spends a great deal of time reflecting on his feelings about her and about what everyone in the town has to say about the two of them.  All the while he has a young woman named Maideen (ironic little play on maiden) tagging along with him.  He says he’s never kissed her, but what he does do does not turn out well at all.  At best, he seriously and wrongfully takes advantage of her.  This might be more aptly called rape.  And he shows no remorse on her behalf.  He even seems to blame her.  She is a victim of his depression.  He feels sorry for himself.  I have a much harder time.   Still, this is really quite emotionally powerful as a story.