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You have my deepest apologies for my two week absence.  Busy would be a mild word.  I do regret the break because I needed to be closer to finishing the Collected Stories by now.   But, breaks happen to the best of blog intentions.   I do plan to be up and going again now.  We have a lot planned at JCJC for April 13, Welty’s birthday.  I’m excited about it and excited about spending more time with her work between now and then.

Tough day for blogging.  I had to turn in midterms, so I stayed late at work.  I have a poetry reading this evening.  No rest for the weary.  No time for the blog.  I have completely neglected my friend Eudora.


This might be a good place to ask myself, “Is it worth it?”  What’s the point of daily blogging if there are days when I have neither time nor energy to devote to it?


I have to answer, “Yes.”  It is worth it.  The daily part I think is necessary even.  Without it, the days I lacked the time would slip into weeks and even months.  It would be like the day I was too busy to go to the gym two years ago.  They haven’t seen much of me since.


I’m getting so much from Welty.  I’m still thinking about the quote from a couple of days ago in which Cassie in “June Recital” thought about how lacking the words to describe something made it harder to believe or to convince others to believe. 


My brother and I talked about this today in a whole other context.  Lacking the words does make it impossible to think the thought sometimes.  Lacking the vocabulary makes it impossible to learn a new concept.  And lacking the words in a language altogether?  That means you have to be a linguist first in order to be a scientist.  You have to make a language capable of containing your thoughts.  So the physicist needs poetry even more than the poet needs physics.


And that is all I have to say today.

May 2020