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I’m at a conference right now. I’ve been in meetings all day.  I don’t have much to say, but what I do have is worth plenty.  Consider this passage in Delta Wedding

Uncle George, the youngest of the older ones, who stood in–who was–the very heart of the family, who was like them, looked like them (only by far, she thought, seeing at once his picnic smile, handsomer)–he was different, somehow.  Perhaps the heart always was made of different stuff and had a different life from the rest of the body.



Among your Welty centennial celebrations, mark on your calendar the New Stage Theatre production of A Ponder Heart.  April 14-26.  Sure to be a delight.

Welty’s first novel is inspired by the Grimm Fairy Tale by the same name. It’s a fable set on the Natchez Trace in the days of Spanish rule. The Grimm influence is readily apparent. The story is a comedy with a twist of the sinister, or vice versa depending on your perspective. The comedy elements are almost Shakespearean in nature. Mistaken identities, near misses, villains who are more foolish than evil, and so forth. All that with the standard wicked stepmother of fairy tales.

It’s a fun read. It’s a must read. The fantasy is a departure for Welty, but she does it up proud.